Please click on any of the titles below to read what we offer.  If you need any further explanations please don’t hesitate to contact us.

15 complimentary consultations to discuss any concerns you have with your skin.

Eye Brow Shape;  Tint;   Eyelash Tint;   Pore Refining Masque;

All perfect for a quick ‘pick me up’ or a special event  – $55.

Unsightly skin tags, calcium deposits or fatty deposits – especially under the eyes quickly and safely using the Lamprobe device.

Treatments from $75.

A delightful herbal replenishing and energising peel.  Perfect if you wake up tired, dehydrated and / or sun damaged skin.

$195 or 3 for $495

My own treatment!

Allow the natural enzymes, vitamins and phytohormones of select plants to balance your skin tone, relieve clogging, congestion and buff your skin naturally. Safe and 100% natural and completely energising!

$175 or 5 treatments for $495

Perfect to stimulate collagen naturally – especially for smokers and sun damaged skin.


Broken capillaries and Rosacea (redness) gives blotchy and embarrassing red skin – this can easily be treated with either Oxygen treatments or IPL treatments.


Treatments are uniquely tailor made for each individual and particularly effective for sun damaged skins, wrinkles, lines, pigmentation, large pores, redness and broken capilleries.

Treatments are from $195 for face neck and decolatage

Green Peels – Natural Herbal Peels that are effective for acne, pimples, scarring, large pores, uneven skin tone, pigmentation and superb for controlling oiliness.

$395 per treatment or pay for 3 and get the 4th treatment FREE!

Why waste money on waxing forever when you can make use of this technology and aim for permanent hair reduction?

Treatments are safe, quick and effective.

Treatments from $45 (underarms and bikini line)

Effective treatment to smooth out pores and course skin.  $75

Hydrafacial is a convenient 30 minute – no downtime, non surgical procedure that creates an instant improvement in skin tone and texture. Skin is deeply cleansed then nourished and hydrated with essential antioxidants. Perfect treatment for:

  • clients living in tropical and humid conditions
  • for budging blackheads and clogged pores
  • excellent for miners to clear their pores of toxins from the mines


Ideal for acne, problematic skin types, rosacea and for skin types needing a circulation boost. Our Oxygen Rx treatment formulated by Dr Peter Pugliese will brighten skin, firm and acts as an exceptional germicide on skin.


Skin needling procedures: excellent for lines, wrinkles, sun damage and loss of elasticity.

Face and neck treatments from $195 including marine collagen mask and LED post treatment