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After numerous unsuccessful and frustrating visits to my GP and skin specialist to treat my debilitating rosacea, Grace has truly proved to be my "saving Grace".  She has been looking after my skin for over a year now, during which time she has cured my rosacea and improved my skin enormously.

Grace always brings a high level of professionalism to her work as well as a delightful sense of humour and it is a pleasure to visit her lovely salon.

I highly recommend Grace as your professional beautician.


I can't believe the result I have had seeing Grace. Her green peel treatments have transformed my skin. When I walked into first seeing Grace, I was so hesitant about going in with no makeup on. I always had to cake my face with makeup before I would let anyone see me. My acne was my biggest insecurity, and it was bad. 7 years I tried everything but it was never enough to control it.

My first consultation with Grace she recommended the Green Peel for my skin.

I actually enjoy the feel of the Green Peel, it feels like an exfoliant and then becomes sensitive after about 10 minutes of rubbing into my face. I have had many, many green peels and love how I can see results even straight after - I walk out with a red face that goes down after a few hours but those bumps have been smoothed out noticeably and my skin is firmer. I went on the contraceptive pill to speed up results as well.

A couple of years later, my skin is not "perfect" but i am so happy with where it is, and for me to say that is a big deal. I no longer cake my face and am able to wear only powder! To this day I keep up as much as I can with my Green Peels to ensure I look and feel my best.

Grace you're an angel !

May 03, 2016

A little note to thank you for the green peel... my new fresh skin has been revealed and I am so happy, especially coming up to my wedding day! So smooth! Thank you Grace, you have incredibly magical hands and your expertise is so highly valued.  June A