Every persons being is different, results vary from person to person, no guarantee can be made to achieve results.  Everyone’s age, health, sun exposure, physical and emotional status, alcohol, prescription drug and food quality intake varies – all these factors may inhibit results therefore no guarantees can be made.

All treatment packages MUST be completed within 12 months of initial purchase to maximise results.

It is up to the client once a course of treatments has been chosen to attend his/her recommended treatment times to maximise his/her results.  For example, if the therapist requires to see the client fortnightly and the client only attends when it suits him/her schedule, this is THEIR choice and may LESSEN the desired outcome.  Professional Beauty Clinic will NOT be held responsible if a client chooses not to attend as frequently as has been recommended.

If a client has purchased a course of treatment and his/her situation changes, for example pregnancy or health or medication changes – a different treatment option will be provided after discussion with Professional Beauty Clinic and the client.

If a client purchases a treatment course and receives products within that treatment course without cost to him/her THEN if they choose to cancel the treatment course and request a refund – the products MUST be paid for.

NO REFUND is given if clients change his/her mind.  If a client does not feel comfortable with a certain treatment – another treatment will be given of equal value.

Gift vouchers are NOT redeemable for cash or refund but may be used for another treatment to the equivalent value.

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